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NTK Spring Series Race 5

This was a great race! The day was wonderful, the temperature great, and our class had a decent turnout. Andre and I spent the morning moving his KT100 engine over from his Intrepid chassis back to his Birel since on the next day he was buying his Honda Shifter Motor! After getting most of that done and me changing the 11 tooth driver to a 10 tooth driver for the short track race, I went out and did a few practice laps. I don’t know what it was about that day, but my kart just worked wonderfully. After running about 10 laps, I came back, made sure I was still meeting the weight requirement, and just decide I wouldn’t touch a thing on my kart for the rest of the day!

It came time for qualifying and Andre and I rushed up to the grid and set out. We were all pretty well spaced out and keeping apart, but as the session ended I could tell I was reeling in a few people ahead of me. After weighing in, Andre asked what I had done because I was flying! Apparently I had run a 24.4 which is my fastest ever on the short track and good enough for 2nd on the grid! After making no changes to my kart we went out for the pre-final race; this is where things went bad! As we left the pits, another kart had a problem and as we went around on our sighting lap, they were trying to signal him in. I mistook what they were trying to signal as a race stoppage and stopped at the top of turn 2–that was the end of my race. 😦

Lesson learned for me, so now I get to start at the back of the grid for the final race. I was still pumped because of how great my kart felt and how close the racing action was. As we were racing in the final, I was able to get past one racer after a few laps (short track is very hard to pass on) and at that point was about 4 seconds off the 2nd place group of karts. In about two laps I was on the back of the pack and try as I might, I just couldn’t make any clean passes. I bumped the racer in front of me a few times and went off track once, but I could never make it passed!

Aside from finishing in 5th when I had the speed to finish at least 2nd, I had a great and fun race and all the spectators said they enjoyed watching me trying to make those passes! Overall, I consider it a pretty satisfying day. 😀


NTK Spring Race 4 and Chonda Endurance Race

Yesterday was race 4 for the spring series at NTK and I had some problems finding my speed. I was able to consistently run 40.7 second laps during the final race, but that’s almost half a second off where I normally run–which means I finished 5th. :(.

But after all the adventures with the spring race, NTK kicked off its inaugural Chonda Endurance Race which was a 75 lap, three driver team race. There was a lot of action on track with 12 teams and two classes and our team was able to finish third place overall and in class.

Spring Series Race 2

NTK’s Spring Race 2 was a great success for me!  While there were only 5 of us in the Super Sportsman class, I was able to qualify first, finish the pre-race in first, and hold off everyone in the 12 lap final race to claim victory!  Watch the racing action below!

LSGP Letter to my Friends, Family, and Sponsors

The Lone Star Grand Prix is this weekend, hope to see you all out there.  And yes we will be racing, Rain or Shine!

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Hello world!

Welcome to Squirrels Racing!

This site will be the go-to location for everything related to what I’m doing in the racing world.  You will be able to see my racing schedule, race results, and information about the locations where I race and how you can get started!

Working on Shifter

Working on Shifter