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Summer Update!

This weekend will be the last race of the Summer series, Summer Race 6 and I think it’s time for an update to what’s been happening this summer.

I was race director for the Spring Series Race 6, so while I was unable to race, there was lots of heated battle on the track and Spring Series Points Championship to decide. With the points calculated, I sadly finished the Spring series in 5th place. 😦

Oh well, on to the Summer series! Summer 1 was a hot race (temperature wise) and the sun was beating down on us. There was close racing between Mitch Mckie and myself, but in the end he won out and I had to settle for 2nd place. Not a bad start for the Summer Series though! Summer Race 2 was rained out and I was again Race Director for the Summer 3 Race. Summer 4 saw me finish in 3rd place while Summer 5 was once again rained out. With the points totals as they stand, I’m holding down 2nd place for the Summer series and have moved up to 2nd place for the 2012 Championship Series! Here’s to a good race this weekend!

Mat Souza and I took a detour during the summer and went to go run at the Waco H.O.T. track for one of their club races. That is a small, tight, and twisty track that is fun as hell! We’re hoping to setup an IKF race series between NTK, Waco, and HCKC, so hopefully I’ll be traveling to more tracks soon.

Thanks for reading!


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