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My name is Chance Kelly, or Squirrels as I’ve become known as, and this site is dedicated to my racing career. I started racing relatively late compared to the superstars out in the racing world, but I do not lack any of the passion.

Name: Chance Kelly (Squirrels)
Age: 26
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 160 lbs
Class: Senior Super Sportsman (Yamaha KT100 Engine with Pipe), SKUSA Shifter S3 (Stock Moto Shifter)

In 2005 I purchased my first motorsports related toy, a brand new 2005 Yamaha R6 motorcycle.  This was the first thing I had ever encountered, much less owned, that was connected to the motorsports world.  I was timid at first, getting use to riding a motorcycle and then learning how to safely navigate through Dallas traffic and Dallas drivers.  I soon got the hang of it and decided that I had to take the bike to the track.  The street was no place to play around and the track would allow me to enjoy the true intentions of the sport bike.  The first track day was a blast, and while we were in the classroom learning proper technique, I noticed all the pictures of the other racers on motorcycles, in cars, and karts.  While I loved the thrill of being on two wheels, I had to try out 4 wheel racing.

A few years later I found the North Texas Kartway (NTK) and my driving coach, Chris Williams.  He offers training classes for new karters and I signed up.  Let’s just say, that was all the motivation I needed.  After that first half day training session I was hooked.  My motorcycle would become my primary mode of transportation and I’d take it to the track when I could, but I had to join the world of karting and wheel to wheel racing.  I quickly found a used kart for sale and headed back out to the track to start practicing.

My first year of karting was quite a success in my book.  Racing locally and NTK, I finished their Spring Series in 3rd place and finished 3rd overall in the year long Championship Series.  I won a few races and landed on the podium numerous other times.  Throughout my rookie year, there were several one-off events at other locations throughout the metroxplex.  Another local track is the Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mills, there they hosted the Vorshlag Karting Challenge for which I took the overall win against 50+ other racers.  They also hosted an amazing 4-hour endurance race in December for which our team took 5th place.  Pole Position Raceway in Frisco is an indoor karting track and I also hold one of the top times there.  To start my second year, I purchased a newer Birel chassis and also a shifter Top Kart.

The plan is to race, and race more! 2012 is off to a good start; I’m getting use to the new chassis which is much smoother and also getting use to driving the much faster shifter.  This year has many opportunities for improvement and fun as the first ever Lone Star Grand Prix will take place in March and NTK is hosting a Chonda Endurance race in the summer.  I”ll be racing in both classes throughout the year trying to defend my 3rd place from last year and move up the ranks in the shifter series.  Keep in contact and I’ll keep everyone upto date with the racing!

Thanks for reading!

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