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LSGP Video!

My buddy Kin has did it again and here is his latest creation, a video of our team at the Lone Star Grand Prix.

GoPro Survived!

Second practice session went well, but my GoPro mount broke and it was thought lost. I would like to thank the corner workers at the LSGP for recovering it and thanks to GoPro for making a camera that survived and still works! (even though the lens is scratched)

[pictures to be added later]


LSGP Letter to my Friends, Family, and Sponsors

The Lone Star Grand Prix is this weekend, hope to see you all out there.  And yes we will be racing, Rain or Shine!

(click image to view full size)

Spring Series Race 1 Cancelled

Well, today was full of rain which meant that we didn’t get to race at NTK.  There were a few of us that went out to the track, but it was called off around 10:30 am.  I was able to get a lot of work done at the track though and now we’re all in Lone Star Grand Prix mode!

New Video by Kin!

My good friend Kin came out to the race last weekend and brought along his camera; here’s the result of his time.  I highly suggest everyone take a look at this video and then you know, go have him make video’s for you!

Thanks for watching, enjoy!