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New Video by Kin!

My good friend Kin came out to the race last weekend and brought along his camera; here’s the result of his time.  I highly suggest everyone take a look at this video and then you know, go have him make video’s for you!

Thanks for watching, enjoy!

NTK Winter 4 Successfully Completed

Whew!  The Winter Series at NTK have officially concluded with today’s racing.  There was a lot of great competition out there and a lot of close battles.

I, on the other hand….haha.  I got my new clutch installed in my Yamaha kart and spent the rest of the afternoon getting reacquainted with the Birel.  I was only able to complete a fast lap of a 40.6 which is pretty slow compared to my fastest (40.3) and the leaders (39.6), but I’ll keep practicing and get up there.  In the shifter I’m happy to report I walked away from the Winter Series with a $40 first place check!  ….even though I was only competing against myself, haha!  Sadly I destroyed my 50mm axle on the shifter and will need to get that replaced.  The rear sprocket came apart and the axle key ground the axle down making it useless.

Destroyed axle

My destroyed 50mm axle from my Shifter

If I have some time during the wheel I’ll post up some video from the weekend.  Stay Tuned!